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CIA Plastics provides high quality fishing worms.

Our goal is to provide a high quality fishing worm that can catch all species of fish in any environment

Design Driven by Action


These baits are used primarily for jigging or trailers but can be used for both salt and fresh water.


These baits are used primarily for skipping, deep water and are rigged to be weed less.

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About CIA Plastics

CIA Plastics provides high quality fishing worms that are design driven by action. These worms were designed, produced and poured with ultimate fishing experiences in mind. These worms can “catch it all” from the freshest of the fresh water to the saltiest of the salt water, bass to snook and everything in between.

All CIA worms are hand poured with high quality liquid plastics, colorants and glitter. These worms can easily be created with any color your water conditions require. The particular color you desire/need can be created with any glitter to entice your fish to jump on your pole! Try these worms today to catch any species of fish you want!

What Our Customers Say

“Catch It All” the name says it all!!

Ashley E. from Brandon, FL

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Amy G.

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